Thursday, May 24, 2018

Why should you list with me?

Whether your house is new on the market, was offered by another realtor and didn’t sell, or you’ve been trying to sell it yourself, you recognize the need to work with someone who knows how to get the job done.

It takes three things to sell a house:
  • Pricing: I’ll help determine a realistic listing price, based on the prices of houses that have sold recently in your area. My approach is based on reliable data, not on emotion.
  • Presentation:  I’ll advise you on any steps you can take to make your house more attractive to potential buyers. Should the need arise, I’ll refer you to professionals who can help.
  • Marketing:  In addition to the usual MLS and Zillow listings, Keller Williams agents have access to hundreds of other Zillow-like syndicated listing services through KWLS. I’ve made a study of the most effective ways to market a property on social media like Facebook and Instagram. And there is plain, old-fashioned word of mouth through the hundreds of local Keller Williams agents–thousands on a national level.
My method is not complicated:
  • I listen to you and what you need. Is time the most important factor? Do you need a minimum sale price in order to walk away from the closing table easily? Are there other considerations?
  • I determine your home’s best selling features and highlight them. I subscribe to the 80/20 principle–20% of your house’s features will attract 80% of the interest from buyers.
  • I determine the best audience for your home. Again 20% of buyers will generate 80% of the interest. I will design a marketing plan that will attract the buyers most likely to make an offer.
  • I will communicate with you regularly at every step of the way.
Start packing now! You’ll be moving soon!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Why do I need a realtor if I'm selling my house myself?

Let’s be honest. There’s a reason you chose not to hire a realtor. I respect that. I’m not even going to ask what it is.
Selling a house is a difficult process, with or without a realtor. There are always surprises. There may be disappointments.
I’m here to help. When buyers to come to me looking for a house like yours, I want to be able recommend it easily.
If you sell your house, I’ll be happy for you.
If you sell your house more easily with my help, I’ll be happier.
If you sell your house to a buyer I bring you, I’ll be overjoyed.
When we meet, I can learn more about your house and offer the following:
  • Home valuation based on homes sold in your area and a tour of your house
  • Staging and photo suggestions
  • Marketing suggestions
  • Referrals to professionals you might need—real estate attorneys, home inspectors, stagers, movers, etc.
If you allow me to market your house, I will offer the following additional services:
  • Enhanced social media exposure
  • An open house, with related marketing efforts (additional social media, use of my open house signs, etc.)
Full MLS exposure and contract-to-closing service would be part of a listing agreement. If you ever decide to take that step, let’s talk!
If I can be of any service to you, please call me at 910-386-7875

How referrals work

I've realized a lot of people who don't live near me don't realize that I can still help them or their friends and associates, so I will explain.
KellerWilliams_Infor_KW_RGBYou want to buy a home, sell the one you have, or find an investment property. You don't have a realtor, or perhaps you want to try a different realtor.  I've been gently reminding you for a while that I am now a realtor, so you ask me whether I know anyone who can help you.
It's a good thing you asked. As part of Keller Williams, the real estate franchise with more agents nationwide than any other, I have access to agents everywhere. And because of the Keller Williams culture, training, and technological advantages, I can be sure any Keller Williams agent I refer you to will do a good job for you.
How does it work? When you ask me to help you, I will talk to an agent local to you.  If that agent is the right one for you, I'll tell  him about you and what you need. He'll skillfully guide you through your transaction and you'll shower me with thanks.  And cookies.  Don't forget the cookies.
Start by giving me a call at 910-386-7875.

Why should you list with me?

Whether your house is new on the market, was offered by another realtor and didn’t sell, or you’ve been trying to sell it yourself, you rec...